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  • Coloured Contact Lenses

    Coloured contact lenses can make anybody’s eyes baby blue. What colour do you want? Right now on our website, we have 18 varieties for you to choose coloured contact lens replacements from. Freshlook cosmetic colour contact lenses can change your eye color while improving your vision, or you can use coloured contacts just for changing eye colour without vision correction. Contact lenses are made of a very soft material that is both comfortable and fun to wear.

    These coloured contact lenses can be worn as extended wear or one week disposable wear or they can be worn as daily wear for up to two weeks before being replaced.

    Extended wear contact lenses are generally sold by the pair and disposable contact lenses are normally sold in boxes containing six contacts each. We sell the Freshlook extended wear coloured contact lenses that change eye coluor by the pair.

    To give the best service and best price we keep all colours in stock so that we can ship them out the same day the order being processed. Our stock of colored lenses includes both the prescription and non-prescription contact lense.

    Want to change your eye colour? Or for light eye? Try Durasoft 2 Light Eyes. This will help give natural definition and depth to paler eye colours. Want to turn dark to light? Try the coloured contact lenses called Durasoft 2 Opaque colors. They’ll turn dark eyes to blue, green, hazel or gray. 

    Looking for something a little more wild? Check out our special effects coloured contact lenses that create everything from cat’s eyes to alien. Maybe a little more tame?

    Best Brandname Products

    When it comes to the health of your eyes, the best buy for contact lenses is purchasing the best quality brandname product at the best affordable price. For example, the Freshlook brand is a quality product manufactured by Ciba Vision here in the United States. The coloured contact lens by Freshlook are advanced 3 in 1 color technology. They blend three colours on one lens, giving you a more natural eye colour. This manufacturer follows strict quality control guidelines, and therefore produces a high quality product.

    On the other hand, if you purchase the cheapest priced contacts because they were low priced, you may be getting cheap quality lenses. When looking for inexpensive or cheap contact lenses, look for a known reputable manufacturer like Ciba Vision or Johnson & Johnson. Finding the lowest, rock bottom, cheapest prices usually does not equal the best quality. You could be putting your eyes at risk. When it comes to contact lenses, insist on the best, buy Freshlook contact lenses.

    Contact Lens Colours

    Among the most popular colour contact lenses are Ciba Vision's Freshlook Colours, Freshlook Colorblends, Freshlook Dimensions, and the Wild Eyes special effect contact lense. The Freshlook Colorblend and Color contacts are designed to change eye color. They are opaque contact lenses which block the naturally dark colour of the eyes; whereas, freshlook dimension contact lenses are designed to enhance or add color to naturally light colored eyes. The most popular contact lens colours are gray, blue, green, violet, hazel, honey, turquoise, and amethyst. The addition of two new Fresh Look colours are now available, which are pure hazel and true sapphire.

    To order your coloured contact lenses, click on How to Order.

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