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Cosmetic Color Enhancer (no power)

Only $25.98 for 1 pair of 2 lenses!

Each lens for only $12.99!

Please buy 2 lenses to get a pair.

Will Only Work With light eyes only(such as light blue or light green). Will not work with medium to dark eyes.

The Color Contacts on the 1st row combine a dark outer starburst pattern which make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, with translucent colors that add depth and dimension.

The Color Contacts on the 2nd row are tinted to enhance light colored eyes. The color of your eyes becomes a blend of the lens' tint and your natural eye color.

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Qty L/R:  /

* Colors shown are for reference only. Result may vary depending on original eye color.

* These lenses may come with Trade Mark "FL" on the lenses.

More Types of Color Lenses:

I want the change to be natural

I want enhancer colors with Rx

SaveOnLens is a contact lens replacement center. We can only sell you contact lenses that have been prescribed by your eye care practitioner within the last year, and with which you are wearing successfully. By continuing with the order you confirm that you are successfully wearing the selected lenses for which you have a valid prescription.
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