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Brand Name Contact Lenses on Sale TOTAL 331
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1 Day Acuvue   1 Day Acuvue Colours 10 pak
1 Day Acuvue Colours 4 pak    


Acucon   Acuvue
Acuvue 2   Acuvue 2 Enhancers
Acuvue 2 Enhancers 1 Lens   Acuvue 2 Opaque Colors
Acuvue 2 Opaque Colors 1 lens   Acuvue 2 Opaque Colors 2 pak
Acuvue 2 Opaque Colors 6pk(cosmetic)   Acuvue Advance
Acuvue Advance Single   Acuvue Advance Toric
Acuvue Bifocal   Acuvue Oasys
Acuvue Toric   Acuvue Toric Trial
Ambition   Angelic (Cosmetic & Rx)
Aqualens 38 (Biomedics 38)   Aqualens 55 (Biomedics 55)
Atlantian(Cosmetic & Rx)    


B&L Two Week (Soflens 59)   B3 Daily Wear
Banshee   Berzerker (Cosmetic & Rx)
Biomedics 38   Biomedics 55
Biomedics 55 Premier   Biomedics/Ultraflex 1 Day 30 pak
Biomedics/Ultraflex 1 Day 90 pak   Biomedics/Ultraflex Toric
Black Gate Orc (Cosmetic & Rx)   Black Out (Cosmetic & Rx)
Black Sclera (Comestic & Rx)   Black Wolf
Blood Red (Cosmetic & Rx)   Boston 7
Boston Envision   Boston EO
Boston Equalens   Boston Equalens II
Boston ES   Boston II
Boston IV   Boston RXD
Boston XO    


Cave Orc (Cosmetic & Rx)   Choice A.B.
CibaSoft Softcolors   CibaSoft Standard Visitint
CibaSoft Visitint   Circle Lens 2 pak
ClearView   Cooper DW
Cooper Toric   Crazy Daisy
Crazy Lenses (no power)   Creeper (Cosmetic & Rx)
CSI Daily Wear LocatorTint   CSI Flexible Wear
CSI Toric   CSI Toric MTO
CV43 DW   CV43 FW


Dagon ((Cosmetic & Rx)   Dark Elf (Cosmetic & Rx)
Darkside   Darth (Cosmetic & Rx)
Death Dealer Seelene (Cosmetic & Rx)   Dracul (Comestic & Rx)
Dune - Blue Sclera (Comestic & Rx)   Durasoft 2 Colorblends
Durasoft 2 Light Eyes   Durasoft 2 Lite Tint
Durasoft 2 Opaque Colors   Durasoft 2 Opaque Colors MTO
Durasoft 2 Optifit Toric   Durasoft 2 Optifit Toric Light Eyes
Durasoft 2 Optifit Toric MTO   Durasoft 2 Optifit Toric Opaque
Durasoft 3 Colorblends   Durasoft 3 Colorblends MTO
Durasoft 3 Complements   Durasoft 3 Complements MTO
Durasoft 3 LiteTint   Durasoft 3 Opaque Colors
Durasoft 3 Opaque Colors MTO   Durasoft 3 Optifit Toric
Durasoft 3 Optifit Toric Colorblends   Durasoft 3 Optifit Toric Colors
Durasoft 3 Optifit Toric Complements   Durasoft 3 Optifit Toric MTO
Durasoft 3 Optifit Toric UV    


Edge III   Edge III 55
Edge III Proactive 3 pk   Edge III Proactive Single
Edge III ProActive XT 2 pack   Edge III ProActive XT Plus
Edge III Thin/Proflex   Elegance Opaque
Encore/Expression Colors   Encore/Vertex Toric
Encore/Vertex Toric XR   Encore/Vertex Sphere
Europa Color 2 pak   Expressions Accents
Expressions Accents Trial   Expressions Color
Expressions Single   Expressions Single
Extreme H2O 59% Xtra    


Fire   Flames (Cosmetic & Rx)
Fluorex 300   Fluorex 500
Fluorex 700   Fluoroperm 30
Fluoroperm 60   Fluoroperm 92
Focus 1-2 wks Softcolors   Focus 1-2 wks Softcolors Trial
Focus 1-2 wks Visitint   Focus Dailies 30 pak
Focus Dailies 90 pak   Focus Dailies All Day Comfort 90 pak
Focus Dailies All Day Comfort Single   Focus Dailies Progressives 30Pk
Focus Dailies Toric 30 pak   Focus Monthly Softcolor Single
Focus Monthly Softcolors   Focus Monthly Visitint
Focus Night & Day   Focus Night & Day Single
Focus Progressive   Focus Toric Monthly Visitint
Focus Toric Monthly Visitint Single   Frequency 38
Frequency 55   Frequency 55 Aspheric
Frequency 55 Toric   Frequency 55 Toric Trial
Frequency 55 Toric XR   Frequency 55 Toric XR Trial
Frequency 55/Encore Multifocal   Freshlook 1 Day Colorblends
Freshlook 1 Day Colorblends Trial   Freshlook Colorblends
Freshlook Colorblends (no power)   Freshlook Colorblends Single
Freshlook Colorblends Toric   Freshlook Colorblends Trial
Freshlook Colors   Freshlook Colors (no power)
Freshlook Colors Single   Freshlook Colors Trial
Freshlook Dimensions   Freshlook Dimensions Single
Freshlook Dimensions Trial   Freshlook Handling Tint
Freshlook Radiance   Freshlook Radiance (no power)
Freshlook Radiance Single   Freshlook Radiance Trial
Freshlook Toric   Froggy
Frosty (Cosmetic & Rx)   Fury (Cosmetic & Rx)


Gamma (Cosmetic & Rx)   Gargoyle (Cosmetic & Rx)
Goblin (Cosmetic & Rx)   Goliath (Cosmetic & Rx)
GP Soft/Hydro 2   Green Cat
Green Sclera (Cosmetic & Rx)   Gremlin
Griffin (Cosmetic & Rx)    


Hatake (Cosmetic & Rx)   Helghast (Cosmetic & Rx)
Hydrasoft Sphere & Hydrasoft Aphakic   Hydrasoft Sphere & Hydrasoft Aphakic 4 pk
Hydrasoft Toric Aphakic   Hydrasoft Toric I(CV55)
Hydrasoft Toric II(CV55)   Hydrasoft Toric III(CV55)
Hydrocurve II   Hydrocurve II Aphakic
Hydrocurve III Toric   Hydrocurve III Toric MTO
Hydrogenics 60    


Icarus (Cosmetic & Rx)   Illusions Opaques
Impressions   Infinity
Itachi (Cosmetic & Rx)    


LeStat- Movie: Interview With A Vampire (Cosmetic & Rx)   Leviathan (Cosmetic & Rx)
Louis- Movie: Interview With A Vampire (Cosmetic & Rx)    


Machine Head (Cosmetic & Rx)   Manson (Cosmetic & Rx)
Moon & Star   Moony
Mummy (Cosmetic & Rx)   Mystique (Cosmetic & Rx)


Natural Touch   Necromancer (Cosmetic & Rx)
Newvues   Newvues Softcolors
Nitrous (Cosmetic & Rx)    


O2 Optix   OP-2
OP-3   OP-6
Optima 38 Blister   Optima 38 Vial
Optima 38/SP   Optima FW / Soflens 38 Single
Optima FW/Soflens 38   Optima Toric
Optima Toric 2 pack   Optima Toric MTO
Ouch - Red Sclera (Cosmetic & Rx)    


Pacifica Color 2 pak   Paragon HDS
Paragon Thin   Paraperm EW
Paraperm O2   Pennance Stare (Cosmetic & Rx)
Permalens & Permalens Aphakic   Permalens Theraputic
Pin Head (Cosmetic & Rx)   PMMA 1
Polycon II/Thin lens Design(Fluorocon)   Precision UV
Predator   Preference DW 2 pack
Preference FW 2 pack   Preference FW 4 pack
Preference Std DW 4 pack   Preference Toric 2 pack
Preference Toric 4 pack   Preference Toric single
Preference Toric XR 2 pack   Preference Toric XR 4 pak
Proactive 55/Smart Choice 6 pak   Proclear Compatibles
Proclear Compatibles Toric   Proclear Compatibles Toric single
Proclear Multifocal   Proclear Multifocal single
Proclear Spherical   Psycho
PureVision   PureVision MultiFocal
PureVision Toric   Purple Kitty


Rabdus (Cosmetic & Rx)   Rage (Cosmetic & Rx)
Raven (Cosmetic & Rx)   Red Cat
Red Wolf   Ripley (Cosmetic & Rx)
Roach   RockStar


Scarecrow (Cosmetic & Rx)   SeeQuence II / Optima FW/Soflens 38
SGP-III   Shamrock
Silsoft   Silver 07 (Handling Tint)
Sith (Cosmetic & Rx)   Slither
Smart Choice/Edge III Proactive 3pk   Smiley
Soflens 38/Optima FW   Soflens 59 (Comfort)
Soflens 59 (Comfort) Single   Soflens 66
Soflens 66 Toric   Soflens 66 Toric Trial
Soflens Multifocal   Soflens Multifocal Single
Soflens One Day   Soflens One Day 15 pak
Softcon EW   Softmate B
Softmate II   SoftPerm
Spiderweb   Spidey
Starfire   Stitch (Cosmetic & Rx)


Target   Tempest (Cosmetic & Rx)
Temptress (Cosmetic & Rx)   Torisoft
Torisoft MTO   Trans-Aire


Uchiha (Cosmetic & Rx)   Ultraflex 38
Ultraflex 55   Ultravue 2000 Multifocal
Ultravue 2000T    


Vampire Red (Cosmetic & Rx)   Vantage Accent Single
Vantage Thin Accent Single   Vantage Thin Visitint
Vantage Visitint   Venus
VersaFlex 38 (Biomedics 38)   VersaFlex 55 (Biomedics 55)
Vertex Toric   Vertex Toric XR
Vertex Sphere    


White Cat   White Out (Cosmetic & Rx)
Wild Eyes   Wild Eyes (no power)
Woodland Orc (Cosmetic & Rx)    


Yellow Cat   Yellow Sclera (Cosmetic & Rx)


Zero 4   Zero 6 DW
Zombie (Cosmetic & Rx)    

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